Mosaics in Glass

by Abby

Abby Machamer
About the Artist

     Abby and her husband live and work in the heart of the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania.  They are surrounded by mountains, lakes, blueberries, and much wildlife! 

     Abby has worked with traditional methods of stained glass, using copper foil and lead, however she calls glass-on-glass mosaic artistry her artistic home.  She feels that this method, which incorporates a variety of stained glass, sea glass, recycled glass, and other materials, allows a more flexible platform in this contemporary style of painting. Vintage wooden window sashes often provide the backdrop for the repurposed themes.  Abby also offers custom Pennsylvania cherry frames giving a more formal appearance as well as Amish made frames of recycled German siding, for a contemporary rustic, country look.  Abby creates one-of-a-kind pieces which include window and wall pieces, transom windows, and kitchen/bathroom backsplashes.  Texture, tone, and color are incorporated into each piece.  Her creations exhibit a daytime look, with light passing through each, and a nighttime look, with light reflecting from translucent pieces of glass, a unique feature of these artful creations. In her words; “I work on a white surface which helps me to see the colors as I build a landscape, flower garden, or geometric.  Yet, an element of surprise remains when I lift a completed work to the white light of nature and truly see the creation for the first time”!


For more information and/or custom design requests, please call or email Abby.

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